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Predictable Data

We have used the Hitter Handicap for many years and have accurately projected status of a hitter before a season begins.  We have tested the best players in the world and have the data to provide a unbiased view of how a hitter will perform in competition.  There are many variables provided with the Hitter Handicap and the ongoing re-testing process allows for athletes , coaches and instructors to calibrate a players swing.  The above numbers reflect what a Division I Softball team view of the Hitter Handicap can provide a coaching staff when projecting a line up and managing the production of their hitters. Test and Train Sports provides sports testing services to athletes, organizations and colleges throughout the country.   Hitter Handicap is a valuable tool used by Test and Train Sports when being asked to measure the skill of top athletes. 

Hitting Skill

The Hitter Handicap measures a hitters skill, potential and ability to focus.  Hitters can improve their approach at the plate by learning what their capacity is.  Many times, hitters are not aware of their limitations or the capacity to produce and try to do more than they are capable.

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If You Are Not Testing...YOU ARE GUESSING!  Hitter Handicap provide the solution to Engineer a proper swing.  You mus benchmark where you stand and continually re-test to measure progression.  This non-subjective process gives immediate feedback and allows a hitter to calibrate their swing and measure progression.  Every hitter should work towards a productive swing that produces results in competition.  We have tested this process with National Championship Programs and Professional Players. 



Hitter Handicap provides the map to understanding your swing while allowing you to gain knowledge of your capacity as a hitter. Quality training with the right intent will provide meaningful results.  Identify your sequence and measure your timing in efficiency so you can improve your approach in competition by training correctly in practice.  This process is used for identifying prospects and calibrating swings for all level of players.



Proven results that are updated on a regular basis allows hitter to be certain of progress without guessing.  Hitter Handicap allows you to validate if hitter is hitting the ball harder with more consistently.  The knowledge gained by the hitter and professional instructors allow the ability to target and train the areas specific to  the need.  Targeted training with specificity to proper progression validates development process.  In order to provide full benefit to our clients we ask them to take the Mental MRI @ mentalmri.com .  This allows us to target specific techniques in helping each hitter with their approach to get better results in competition. 

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Look forward to getting your feedback and assisting your hitter in becoming a more accomplished hitter with a more improved approach.

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